Investigate & assess

As in any form of healthcare, the first step to improving any condition is to investigate and assess your current health status. Mental health is no different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

To improve the mental health of your workforce you first need to identify:

  • The current level of stress and anxiety of your employees
  • What could be contributing and triggering these feelings in the workplace
  • What opportunities there are to make positive changes to your workplace environment 

By doing so you will identify ways to improve staff productivity, performance and retention which will enhance your business growth.

"Real practical learnings for employers"

We offer a confidential, anonymous, mental health assessment for companies who want to discover the overall mental health state of their workforce in a way that makes employees comfortable sharing their real feelings and delivers real practical learnings for employers. 

The assessment provides a comprehensive analytical report that outlines the findings from the reports and we provide recommendations for your company based on these results. 

The assessment will take your employees approximately 25 minutes to complete online and we will provide our analytical report within two weeks of completion.

You might be thinking…

“Our company doesn’t have a mental health problem, our employees have never complained.”

“There’s no way our company could be contributing to the poor mental health of our employees.”

“There’s nothing more we can do to improve conditions for our employees”

Unfortunately, these kinds of mindsets are common because poor mental health in the workplace is often a silent misunderstood problem that manifests beneath the surface of a company until it is too late.

Why does this happen?

Although it is becoming generally easier to talk about mental health publicly and there is now greater awareness of the impact that poor mental health can have on your health, most people are still very reluctant to talk about their own problems due to the stigmatisation. 

This is even more common in the workplace where people are reluctant to talk about their problems as they feel it may put them at a disadvantage for career progression. 

Did you know that studies have found that up to half of Irish employees surveyed feel they must disguise the stress they feel at work to maintain their career prospects? 

Nobody may have come to you. 

Nobody may have spoken to you. 

Nobody may have even told their managers or co-workers.

But poor mental health of your workforce will continue to impact staff retention, productivity and performance which will directly or indirectly seep into your bottom line. 

What could become of the possible symptoms of poor mental health in your workplace that you might notice?

  • You might find it difficult to attract high-quality employees. 
  • You might find it difficult to retain staff for long periods of time. 
  • You might have an increasing problem with absenteeism.
  • You might feel that productivity is not where it should be or as good as it once was.
  • You might no longer hit key performance indicators or targets due to poor performance.

While we don’t know what the impact of poor mental health might specifically be in your particular organization, we do know you’ve taken the time to read this far and understand the impact poor mental health practices could have on the overall performance of your business.

If you want a comprehensive assessment of the mental health of your workforce and recommendations on how to improve your work practices to promote positive mental health so you can become an industry leader, attract the best talent and enhance your business performance, enter your details below. 

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