Workplace C.A.R.E Program 

The Freeman Health Group (FHG) recognises that successfully promoting the mental health of employees and adhering to Employment & Equality legislation is an essential yet often demanding task for businesses. In response to this challenge, the Freeman Health Group has designed the ‘Workplace C.A.R.E Programme’, which is an innovative, evidence-based programme that supports Irish organisations and businesses to achieve a mentally healthy workforce and is built on principles of Compassion, Action, Resilience and Engagement.


Due to the detrimental economic, financial and personal effects of mental ill health, Irish organisations have a duty of care to their employees mental ill-health and a statutory obligation to identify and eliminate stress hazards in the workplace (Employee and Equality Act).

In 2017, 69.8% (2.19m people of the working age population were in employment (CSO, 2017)

11 million days are lost through abstenteeism per year at cost of €1.5 billion or €818 per employee

Each year, one in Four people in Ireland will experience anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal ideation and/or
substance abuse (reference)

The WHO predicts that depression will become the second leading cause of global disease by 2020 (WHO)

Poorer mental health leads to greater rates of absenteeism and presenteeism. The costs of presenteeism are almost twice as much as those of absenteeism. Increased presenteeismassociated with reported common mental health conditions as well as stress-related absence, which are among the top causes of long-term sickness absence. There are many actions that organizations can take to promote mental health and improve presenteeism and organizational productivity in the workplace.


Organizations are often uncertain about how to identify and select solutions that best prevent and manage employee mental health difficulties. FHG’s Workplace C.A.R.E Programme provides a structured and effective way to develop a whole-of-organization approach to mental health in the workplace, resulting in a workplace culture that promotes mental well-being, prevents the escalation of mental health issues and supports and embraces the re-engagement of employees who are absent from work as a result of stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties.
FHG consultants, who are highly skilled in mental health and organisational effectiveness, work in close partnership with organisations to develop a comprehensive mental health programme that suits the unique needs of the organisation and workforce at every level. The development and delivery of the tailored programme usually takes around 3-6months however this can be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs.


The Freeman Health Group believes that in order to achieve mental health in the workplace, and in turn improve employee engagement and productivity, three-key areas need to be considered; Organizational Mental Health Assessment and Planning; Prevention and; Employee Re-engagement. FHG has designed a series of products, tools and resources that facilitates organizations to effectively respond to their employee’s individual mental health needs in these three areas.

Organisational Assesment and Planning

Comprehensive baseline review and report (of self-reported and existing data); Structured organisational assessment using FHG validated tool and; Joint mental health planning with FHG consultants.


Tailored FHG ‘C.A.R.E’ training programmes for managers and ‘champions’ to enhance organisation-wide mental health literacy and awareness and learn how to prevent and support mental health difficulties

Employee Re-Engagment

Unique therapeutic ‘C.A.R.E’ programme, delivered by experienced FHG therapists, to support return to employment for employees who are currently on a short or long-term leave of absence as a result of mental health difficulties.


A wide-range of benefits for your organization and employees can be achieved through creating a mentally healthy workforce and environment. Benefits include reduced rates of absenteeism and presenteeism, workforce productivity and business performance, reduced financial costs through reduced insurance premiums and recruitment, improved mental health and well-being of individuals and reduced social and economic costs to society in general.

Next Steps

FHG offers organisation a free initial consultation with one of our skilled consultants to discuss how we can tailor the programme to suit your organisation and employee’s needs. If you would like to know more please get in contact with us.

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